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Upcoming furry comics for May 2007 (Previews only)

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Behold, there shall be no more doodling. I'm in charge here now. Drat. Well, thank you for years of good service, Doodles. Furthermore:

MAR070047D3 Usagi Yojimbo #103 24 pg, b&w $2.99
by Stan Sakai
Jei returns and the priest Jizonobu gets into deep waters. I'm not sure of the connection.

MAR070235D1 Looney Tunes #150 32pg, color $2.25
by lots and lots
'It's an all-star 150th extravaganza! A fantastic cast of guest artists joins Daffy as he details his long, illustrious movie career.'

MAR070236D1 Scooby-Doo #120 32pg, color $2.25
by a bunch
More of the same, with monkeys.

PAGE 156
MAR071840D2 Elephantmen: The Pilot 40pg, color $2.99
Stories by Richard Starkings, Kurt Busiek, and Jeph Loeb, art by several
A story of Skycab pilot Miki and a gallery of Elephantmen art.

PAGE 228
MAR073124E Gold Digger #85 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
Gina, Brianna, and Monty go in search of a model for the Giga-Engine and find a deadly mechanism that falls in love with Peebri.

MAR073126E Gold Digger: Peebo Tales Summer Fun Special #1 48pg, color $3.50
by Fred Perry
Probably not very furry, but cute intellgent bombs count as anthro, yes?

MAR073128E Gold Digger Swimsuit Special 2007 48pg, color $4.50
by Fred Perry & various
GD fanart with bikinis.

MAR073131E Ninja High School #150 32pg, color $2.99
by Ben Dunn & various (Fred Perry, Rod Espinosa, etc.)
Maybe there's some furry in this 20th-year multicreator special, but I think I'm going to drop the comic henceforth unless I see actual patches of fur in the solicitation.

PAGES 232, 236
MAR073168E Sonic the Hedgehog #175 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley
Dr. Robotnik wins.

MAR073169E Sonic the Hedgehog #176 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley
Dr. Robotnik loses.

MAR073170E Sonic the Hedgehog Archives vol. 3 5"x7" tp, 112pg, color $7.49
by variouis
Collects issues 9-12. Volumes 1-2 (collecting 1-4 and 5-8) are offered again.

MAR073173E Sonic X #20 32pg, color $2.25
by various
One story.

PAGE 295
MAR073447E Uncle Scrooge #366 sc, 64pg, color $7.50
by Michael T. Gilbert, Carl Barks, & Lars Jensen
Four stories.

MAR073448E Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #681 sc, 64pg, color $7.50
by various
Four stories.

PAGE 316
MAR073596F Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #34 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Jim Lawson & Dan Berger
Splinter may be training another band of ninjas--from the Foot Clan!

PAGE 319
MAR073616F Sizzle #34 magazine, 64pg, B&W $5.95
by Reed Waller & Kate Worley
Another chapter in the final run of Omaha the Cat Dancer. Plus other junk. ADULT MATERIAL

PAGE 324
MAR073654H The Rabbi's Cat
'The preeminent work by one of France's most celebrated young comic artists, The Rabbi's Cat tells the wholly unique story of a rabbi, his daughter, and their talking cat -- a philosopher brimming with scathing humor and surprising tenderness. In Algeria in the 1930s, a cat belonging to a widowed rabbi and his beautiful daughter, Zlabya, eats the family parrot and gains the ability to speak. To his master's consternation, the cat immediately begins to tell lies (the first being that he didn't eat the parrot). The rabbi vows to educate him in the ways of the Torah, while the cat insists on studying the kabbalah and having a Bar Mitzvah. . . .' Can you circumcise a cat?

PAGE 326
MAR073662F Furrlough #172 32pg, b&w $3.50
by various
The latest from three ongoing stories: 'Lancaster: The Ghost Hunter' by Phil Gibson, 'Ebin and May' by Christina Hanson and Ed Garcia, and 'Ace and Queenie' by Rusty Moore. Cover by Sara Palmer..

PAGE 327
MAR073673F Inverloch vol. 3 sc, 6"x9", 160pg, color $14.99
by Sarah Ellerton
The third collection of the most popular furry webcomic this side of Kevin & Kell, a fantasy epic. The first two volumes, from March and September 2006, are resolicited.

PAGE 329
MAR073688H Wallace and Gromit: Plots in Space hc, 9"x12", 48pg, color $12.95
by Dan Abnett & Jimmy Hansen.
MAR073692H Wallace & Gromit Magazine #22 magazine, 52pg, color $5.99
MAR073693H Shaun the Sheep Comic #3 magazine, 52pg, color $5.99
The usual, plus a science fiction epic. If that's the word.

PAGE 341
MAR073707E Sgt. Frog vol. 13 (of 14) sc, 5"x7", 192pg, b&w $9.99
by Mine Yoshizaki
Hustlers from Planet QQ try to con Keroro to get Natsumi. Rated Teen 13+.

PAGE 352
MAR073734F Micrographica sc, 4.5"x5", 208pg, b&w 10.00
Renée French
'Micrographica takes Renée French's Ignatz Award-nominated online strip of the same name and turns it way up. A mob of tiny rodents live la vida loca, led by the trash-talking bully Moe, and his trash-talking sidekick Preston. Add in Nubbins, the big guy; poor, sweet crapball-lovin' Aldo, and a rotting corpse turned playground, and you'll never find a more moving affirmation of traditional values. Inspired by a bald bird sighting while the author was wandering Hunter's Hill in Sydney, Australia, this book is pure weirdness--and just what Renée French fans dream of.' See for the webcomic itself. I'm not impressed, but I'm not a Renée French fan.


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