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Western PA Furry Weekend Newsletter

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March 2007

The event committee met March 24 and the specific order of business was centered around finalizing the updates to the website including hotel information, reviewing progress on our advertisement for Morphicon and Anthrocon's con book as well as loose flyers, and approving our 50% Programming Grid. (Yeah, I said Programming Grid.)

Our website is still live, at, and you can access and join the WPAFW Forums and view our building picture archive hosted at We expect to make our May 1 "go live" date with time to spare. At that time pre-registration will also "go live" and offer an early bird basic registration rate of $15 until June 30 where basic registration will go up to $20 until September 23. Supporter Level registration is $35 and is available until the end of pre-registration. Supporter Level attendees get front line privileges for dinner, a spiffy event badge, extra tickets for the raffle, a color print by the event's featured artist Brendan Roo and of course, our appreciation.

The group has made provisions for furry parents who may wish to bring their children along to the event. The meet is PG rated and Fireman's Park, the site for the Fur-b-que on Saturday is a wonderful place for children and adults to play and enjoy themselves.

The Furry Weekend will once again be using the Comfort Inn Pittsburgh North as our hotel and gathering spaces. Rooms are $74.99 a night, plus taxes, flat rate. The Comfort Inn also offers a free Continental Breakfast and is also within walking distance of fast food, reasonably priced restaurants and a grocery store. Spacious Pittsburgh Mill's Mall is a quick, 5 minute drive up State Rt. 28 North where you'll find a WalMart, Michaels, a full mall and other satellite stores and restaurants.

We have three days of Programming scheduled starting Friday night at 7pm and going until Sunday evening at 7PM. Highlights are Furry Weekend Theater, Saturday Morning Cartoons (New), LazerTag, The Fur-b-que, The Charity Raffle, The Furry Weekend Midnight Menagerie (New), A field trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, games, socialization, fursuiting and more!

We even have six slots for Species SIG's (Special Interest Group) and furry themed Panels. We'll be polling our prospective attendees in an attempt to fill these slots based on their interest level. More on that will be posted to this and other forums & mailing lists.

We are very excited by all the support we've been hearing for this event. Last year we saw 75 attendees. We're hoping to get very close to three digits in 2007. So please keep us in mind and mark your calendars for the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend, Columbus Day Weekend, October 5, 6 & 7, 2007!

Swift Fox
Director; WPAFW07


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