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Western PA Furry Weekend June Newsletter!

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Hello friends!

It's June and there are just four more months left until the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend,, is upon us.

Have you registered yet?? The Early Bird Basic pre-registration cost of $15 is only good until the end of the month. Then Basic level pre-registration for the event goes up to $20 until it closes in early September. Register on-line. It's fast, easy and only takes a minute or two. gave us feed back last year and one of the big items was that you wanted to see more time scheduled for the park and at the same time you asked for better use of the hotel function spaces and more programming.

We listened and if you haven't seen the preliminary weekend schedule, you need to go check it out on the website. We've added two hours on either end of the time block at the park and added programming and activities on Saturday morning.

Fleshing out our blocks of programming are where we need some help from you however. If you're registered for the event, or planning on it, and would like to give us some ideas and input on what Special Interest Group programming or panels, such as artistic or fursuiting techniques, writing, or spirituality, you'd like to see. There's a thread out on the event Forums,, where we'll be taking your input.

We'll take the ideas that get the most interest and use them to fill in a few of the voids in our Programming Grid. So please visit the site, register and share your ideas and suggestions.

At the same time, if you feel comfortable enough that you'd like to host a panel on a particular topic of interest, contact our Programming Chair, Xavier Fox, at social AT Panelists will be eligible for special perks and recognition at the event.

Volunteers! Yes, we're looking for volunteers to help out in various ways throughout the weekend. We have about a dozen Volunteer slots which need to be filled and only pre-registered attendees will be considered. Volunteer hours will be tracked and will be applied towards lowering or defraying your 2008 registration costs. Once you've registered, if you'd like to volunteer, or you've been tagged to volunteer, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Shortwave Husky, at volunteers AT

Everyone have a safe summer and look for our ad in Anthrocon's Convention Program.

Swift Fox
Director; WPAFW


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