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John Hodgman reviews furry comics favorably in 3 June *NY Times Book Review*

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First is Kim Deitch's mostly-human Alias, which starts out biographical, then goes whacko as Waldo the cartoon-cat id-monster, who he's been drawing for forty years, comes into his life and becomes an obsession.

More to the point are reviews of two books in Lewis Trondheim and Johann Sfar's Dungeon series: Dungeon Parade, vol. 1: A Dungeon Too Many (NBM, paper, $9.95) and the start of the whole phenomenon, Dungeon, vol. 1: Duck Heart (NBM, paper, $14.95). As I noted in my Previews post in May, these and all the earlier Dungeon trade paperbacks are offered again in the current Previews, along with the latest one. Each comprises the contents of two or three of the original French albums.

His review begins: 'I could begin by telling you that the "Dungeon" series is an ambitious, surprising epic, its two dozen or so existing episodes scattered over three generations of characters, with the promise of possibly hundreds more episodes to come. But eventually I'm going to just have to come out and say it: "Dungeon" is about a duck and a dragon going on adventures in a Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy realm called Terra Amata. . . . This is pure funny-animal stuff. . . . And precisely because it is so light and warmhearted, the moments of melancholy and actual profundity reach into your chest, pull out your heart and keep it hostage.'


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