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New Computer Animated Movie

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Do you like mammoths, sloths and sabre-tooth tigers? 20th Century Fox is betting there's a lot of folks who will with the computer animated film "Ice Age," being produced now at Blue Sky in New York. This is the same group that produced the Oscar-winning short "Bunny." The teaser trailer is now running with selected movies, but you can see it now by going to

Micah's Note: Wow, this looks impressive; it has a definite style of its own. You really want to wait for the whole thing to load before you play it, though. And no mention of when it's due out, only a 'coming soon'. Some cursory research provided this page off Coming Attractions which lists it as 'In Development'. And there are some still frames at Counting Down's Ice Age page.


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According to, Fox announced on 5/10/01 that the release date for this movie is March 15, 2002. It was noted on that the "Ice Age" trailer is running before "Dr. Dolittle 2", among others.

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Does anyone have a pointer to a trailer that ISN'T recorded in QT5? I swear, keeping up with plugins for video is becoming so time consuming that I'm putting in 10 times more hours updating than watching video.

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