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"Spontoon Island" forum begins!

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A public forum for the Spontoon Island setting!We welcome friendly feedback and discussion of the setting, websites, publications, characters, stories, & art. The group Moderator is Mitch Marmel.

"Spontoon Island" is a funny animal & furry setting on an alternate 1930s Earth, set on Islands in the North Pacific Ocean. The setting's flavor has hints of "Indiana Jones" with "Porco Rosso" and "Tailspin", but with original characters and locations. The general setting is released to Public Domain, though individual contributions are often copyright protected. "Spontoon Island" started out as a zine published in 1998, and now is located at 3 web archives.

Stories and art by many contributors to "Spontoon Island" have been nominated for the Ursa Major Awards for the last two years.


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