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Spontoon Island

"Spontoon Island" forum begins!

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A public forum for the Spontoon Island setting!

Spontoon Island #11 zine is out!

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The funny animal zine, SPONTOON ISLAND #11, is now doing the New Release Hula! This co-op zine is a scrapbook pulp adventure of 64 pages of art, comics & stories. It is set in tiki-retro sea islands, 1920 to 1950. Look in and see this exotic environment grow!

For more information, look here.

Ken Fletcher, Spontoon Island Tourist Board.

Spontoon Island zine resumes publication! Seaplane hula funny animals!

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The Spontoon Island zine is back, with issue #10 out, and #11 out by mid-April. More information can be found here. Spontoon Island is a zine & website that has funny animal, furry, & other strange cartooning and writing. It has themes of sea island adventure set in the 1920s through 1940s. Think of hula dancers, seaplanes, tikis, and 1930s costuming! Most of the content is mild and humorous, but there is a small amount of material with mature themes and pin-up nudity. OVER 18 ONLY, please, or whatever age is "grown-up" under your local laws.

Ken Fletcher, editor & publisher: for disclaimer & homepage.