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Spontoon Island zine resumes publication! Seaplane hula funny animals!

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The Spontoon Island zine is back, with issue #10 out, and #11 out by mid-April. More information can be found here. Spontoon Island is a zine & website that has funny animal, furry, & other strange cartooning and writing. It has themes of sea island adventure set in the 1920s through 1940s. Think of hula dancers, seaplanes, tikis, and 1930s costuming! Most of the content is mild and humorous, but there is a small amount of material with mature themes and pin-up nudity. OVER 18 ONLY, please, or whatever age is "grown-up" under your local laws.

Ken Fletcher, editor & publisher: for disclaimer & homepage.


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well it's great and got me inspired to try doing something in its context. whether or not i come up with anything of as high a quality as what is there i'll see what i shall see.
as for 'adult content' - i don't know if i've been EVERY where on the site - seems like each time i vist i find another active link that i haddn't seen the time before -
well so far i haven't seen anything (more 'adult') then you would have found in a national geographic in the mind 50s or an argosy magazene of the same or earlier. (then again argosy was considered a 'men's' magazene, but not in the porn sense that came later ...
there is stuff in the style of 'indigenous steriotyping' of the sort of missionary in the canable pot kind of thing, except, fortunately and thank you, not the kind of insensitively prejudical way it often was then, but in somewhat the same style, and even that only occasionaly.
what it does do is capture the innocense and ignorance of an era in which the world had yet to shrink to mcdonalds homoginaity, where ingenuety still worked, where mama and dauter drinkin rum and nootnops cola could make an honest hussle off of ethnocentric influx of visitor only recently made possible by that miraculous new invention the 'flying boat'.
a layback island arcipelligo that would have, could have, should have, never was and yet in a sense lives in us all, an adventures in 'paradise' where even the palm trees hold a tiney little secret ... and conspiracies are made in open air tikibars and posh hotels where the power occasionaly goes out and they have to actualy use those candles on the tables ...
truely a fun place ...
oh and of course (virtualy) it's all furry ... ~;)

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