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Webcomic Secret Summer 2008

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Creators of comics, may I have your attention? The Webcomic Secret Summer is now accepting participants!

"What is the Webcomic Secret Summer?" you may ask. A Secret Santa is a type of exchange in which each participant gets one randomly assigned recipient and the gift-giver's identity remains secret until an assigned time when s/he presents the gift to the recipient. The Webcomic Secret Santa is an exchange of webcomic gifts using the same concept. Creators submit their comics to a list, and on a specific day, a random comic (not their own) is sent to them. That artist must then produce a guest comic or a piece of fan art for the assigned comic. Not wanting to wait until December for a Webcomic Secret Santa, I decided to run the exact same idea in the summer, hence the Webcomic Secret Summer!

There are some rules, of course, intended to make this as fun and straight-forward an activity as possible. For the timeline, sign-up rules, and other information, please visit the Webcomic Secret Summer site. Also, please pass the word, since the more, the merrier!


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