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Upcoming furry comics for September 2008 (Previews only)

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Well, that was a fine Anthrocon, and I did indeed get the three paperbacks of Ursula Vernon's *Digger*, and I see that the first volume just appeared in Previews. See below under 'Sofawolf Press', and buy!

This month is also marked by maybe the most new furry comics from Fantagraphics ever, for fantagraphic values of 'furry'. Check 'em out.

JUL080024 Usagi Yojimbo #114 24pg, b&w $2.99
by Stan Sakai
Usagi is being followed from town to town by a mendicant and tries to find out who it is. (We all know it's Groo, of course.)
There was presumably a #113 last month but I find no trace of it in my Previews documents.

DC COMICS ( including CMX (manga)
JUL080183 Looney Tunes #166 32pg, color $2.25
by all the peoples
A couple of Witch Hazels and other stuff.

JUL080184 Scooby-Doo #136 32pg, color $2.25
by Trogdor
This issue is 'a companion to the all-new Scooby movie, Scooby-Doo and the Shadow Goblins'.

PAGE 149
JUL082196 Elephantmen #18 32pg, color $2.99
by Richard Starkings and Rob Steen
'Hiromi Kiyoko - Miki - is intent on finding out Hip Flask's deepest darkest secrets... but Miki and her mother, Keiko, have some secrets of their own.'

PAGE 195
JUL083635 Gold Digger Annual 2008 48pg, color $4.50
by Fred Perry & Various
Contributions from the readers.

JUL083636 Gold Digger II Pocket Manga vol. 5 sc, 5"x7", 128 pg, b&w $14.95
by Fred Perry
Collects Gold Digger Volume 3 #31-36

JUL083638 Gold Digger: Tiffany & Charlotte #4 32pg, b&w $3.50
by Fred Perry & J.L. Anderson
Charlotte imagines how Tiffany and Pojo will get married and have kids and stuff.

JUL083640 The Land of Oz: the Manga #4 (of 8) 32pg, b&w $2.99
by David Hutchison
Still no new furries in this one, I think.

PAGE 202
JUL083672 Sonic the Hedgehog Archives vol. 9 sc, 5"x7.5", 112pg, color $7.95
by Various
Reprinting Sonic the Hedgehog #33-36.

JUL083673 Sonic the Hedgehog #192 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley & Jim Amash
"Metal and Mettle," Part 2. Sonic and Scourge vs. Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge.

JUL083674 Sonic X #37 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn, James Fry III & Terry Austin
Looks like Dr. Eggman and Sonic trade minds. Or bodies, depending how you look at it.

PAGE 228
JUL083807 Nui! vol. 2 sc, 5"x7", 224pg, b&w $9.99
by Natsumi Mukai
'Natsumi Mukai's popular Nui! series centers on Kaya and her mysterious plush toys. When she runs into trouble one day, it's not a knight in shining armor who comes to the rescue but her stuffed animals. Kaya loves her toys so much that they come to life and turn into pretty young boys!' See for a 12-page preview.

PAGE 283
JUL083988 Castle Waiting vol. 2 #13 24pg, b&w $3.95
by Linda Medley
24 pages, B&W, $3.95
'In the conclusion to what is possibly the greatest bowling sequence ever committed to the comics page, the teams are (of course) in a dead heat right down to the very last frame. Will Chess save the day? Will Tolly lose his lucky sapphire? Will Dayne apologize for being such a dick? All this, plus Rackham in a dress and a new job for Dr. Fell as Linda Medley's fantasy continues!'

JUL083991 Interiorae #3
By Gabriella Giandelli
32 pages, 8 ½" x 11, PC, $7.95
'Things are getting weirder in the apartment house in this, the third (of four) episode of Gabriella Giandelli's surreal tale. Two teens record a rock song, an ugly breakup takes place between a husband and a wife, the old lady resorts to increasingly desperate measures to find her inner peace, more and more people have begun to notice the white rabbit, much to his distress...and the Creature That Lives In The Basement And Feeds on Dreams is becoming frustrated because no one is dreaming.' More than a year since the last issue.

JUL083992 Sammy the Mouse #2 32pg, 8½"x11", pc [partial color?] $7.95
by Zak Sally
'In this issue, things ramp up, as Sammy still can't seem to find some peace and quiet in the comfort of his home (because a giant finger is poking him in the skull, among other things), and some new "friend" won't take "No" for an answer. An answer for what? Why, a PICNIC, of course. EVERYBODY loves a PICNIC, right? As if that weren't enough, Feekes keeps shooting off his drunk mouth (with dire consequences), there's more secret scary underwater business from Him, and where the hell is Puppy-boy, anyway? Also in this issue: a moustache.'

JUL083994 Krazy & Ignatz 1943-1944: He Nods in Quiescent Siesta sc, 9"x12", 120pg, color $19.99
by George Herriman; designed by Chris Ware
'Krazy and Ignatz 1943-1944 covers the last two years of Herriman's master-piece. With this volume, Fantagraphics and its precursor Eclipse will have reprinted the entire 29-year run of the Krazy Kat Sundays! Like Charles Schulz, George Herriman was a cartoonist to the very end. Aside from collecting the last masterful year and a half of "Krazy Kat," this new volume will offer a retrospective look at Herriman's life at the drawing table, offering many never before seen samples of his original art (which the cartoonist often lovingly hand-colored for friends). Gathered from many scattered collections, these pages testify to Herriman's invererate passion for drawing. Rounding out the volume are scores of Krazy Kat daily strips also from Herriman's last years, further testament to the cartoonists vitality. Series editor and veteran comics historian, Bill Blackbeard, also provides a concluding, wide-ranging essay on the life and art of Herriman. More than a simple reprint collection, Krazy and Ignatz 1943-1944 portrays the full range of a cartoonist who remained an artist all his life.' Recommended.

JUL083999 Petey and P.ussy hc, 6" x 9", 128 pages, b&w $19.99
by John Kerschbaum
'Petey and P.ussy, John Kerschbaum's new graphic novel, reads very much like a Loony Tunes cartoon - if all of the anthropomorphic animals were kvetching, balding, foul-mouthed misanthropes. Each character is articulate (and, in fact, can speak directly to humans, well enough to order a beer) but still recognizably have the traits associated with their respective species: Pete, the dog, is happy-go-lucky; P.ussy, the cat, is self-centered; and Bernie, the bird, is high-strung and constantly a-twitter. Together, they are the pets of a sweet old lady whose obliviousness to the lunacy unfolding around her is second only to her own hygienic repugnance.' [The period in 'P.ussy' is to keep it from being malcensored by Flayrah.]

PAGE 287
JUL084007 Uncle Scrooge #382 sc, 7"x10", 64pg, color $7.99
by Carl Barks & Don Rosa
Two stories and a pinup. Flintheart Glomgold appears.

JUL084008 Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #697 sc, 7"x10", 64pg, color $7.99
by Carl Barks et al.
Hallo-weenie Donald Duck meets a gorgeous girl vampire in Terry Laban's "Trick or Treatment!" The creator of *Unsupervised Existence*, *Cud*, and *Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard-Boiled Shaman*, working for the Mouse. Oh, and three other stories.

JUL084007 Disney's Ducktales: the Gold Odyssey sc, 184pg, color $15.99
by Bob Langhans, Cosme Quartieri, Robert Bat & Carlos Valenti
Reprinting a story published in DuckTales #9-15. Flintheart Glomgold appears.
SC, 184pgs, FC SRP: $15.99

PAGE 293
JUL084041 The Best of Club Stripes Volume 2: Strange Bedfellows sc, 7"x10", 120pg, color $24.95
Furry porn by Miu, Daria McGrain, Gideon, and others. This stuff is preventing Saiko and Lavender. Bah. ADULT MATERIAL

JUL084042 Cocktails: Summer Special 2008 sc, 7"x10", 72pg, b&w $12.95
All-male furry porn by Miu, Gideon, Meesh, Onta, GuNMouTH, etc. ADULT MATERIAL

PAGES 311, 312
JUL084148 Michelangelo: the Third Kind #1 (of 4) 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Jim Lawson & Eric Talbot
'[This] kicks off during the events that occurred during Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Four #5, specifically the time period immediately following the arrival of the Utrom's "Moon Island" on Earth.'

JUL084148 Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #50 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Ryan Brown, Tristan Jones & Paul Harmon
'The Turtles celebrate their 50th issue of Tales with an action-packed epic battle of monstrous proportions! Leatherhead and the Turtles battle the deadliest creatures on Earth to win back their freedom from big game hunter Mr. Marlin (from Tales of the TMNT Volume One #6)!' More continuity references than a '70's Marvel comic.

PAGE 324
JUL084190 Furrlough #186 32pg, b&w $4.99
by ceux qui sont en bas
The usual three new episodes: 'Lancaster the Ghost Hunter' by Phil 'Poinko' Gibson, 'Treasure Hunters' by Remi Perron, and 'Cosmic Dash' by David Davis. Cover by Sara 'Caribou' Palmer.

PAGE 326
JUL084208 Digger vol. 1 sc, 7"x10", 132pg, b&w $18.95
by Ursula Vernon
'A no-nonsense wombat becomes trapped in a Wonderland-like country where nonsense is the specialty. After meeting a talking statue of a god, a childlike shadow-demon, and an oracular slug, all she wants is to get back to her safe and sane Warren. Unfortunately, not only is there a distressing lack of signposts, but several creatures keep trying to kill her, and all she has to fight them with is her knowledge of rocks and digging, her stoic wit, and a formidable right hook. Digger Volume 1 collects the first two chapters of the award winning webcomic (no longer accessible on the website), along with an all-new six page comic revealing the origin of the talking statue of Ganesh.' Highest recommendation!
SC, 7x10, 132pgs, B&W SRP: $18.95

PAGE 341
JUL084259 The 9 Lives vol. 1 (of 3) sc, 5"x7", 192pg, b&w $9.99
by Rachel Brown and Bayou
'Conri is a nine-lives boy, a cat-boy who has always been pursued by "owners" who want to use his special powers. Withdrawn and bitter, he feels destined to never find a real home, until he meets Adriane, who never wanted a pet in the first place...' But is he pint-size?


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