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Pawpets looking for Pawpeteers

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From the PawPet folk, off of "Anthrocon is less than a month away, and Funday PawPet Show is looking to book puppeteers for the 3 hour live show that will be occuring on Friday night between 4-7pm." Read on for more.

There are some guidelines that need to be followed if one wants to perform in
this show.

1) You must bring your own puppet. Since we have limited luggage space to bring
stuff to AC, we will only be bringing our core puppet cast. This will leave
us with no 'extra' puppets to use during the show. I would strongly advise
you write your name on the puppet somewhere if it is a common puppet.
We have had puppet walk away at past convention.

2) Bring your own music to perform to. I cannot gaurantee that the music we
have in our archive is going to be sufficient material for you to choose from.
All music must be on original CD. We will -NOT- accept Vinyl, Cassette, MP3,
WAV, etc.. Only CD. It is the most reliable format, and upholds the best
broadcast quality. If you are bringing Minidisk or burned CD, we must see
the original CD/Cassette/Vinyl cover/liner for the song you wish to perform.
This show is going to be aired on the internet the Sunday during the
convention, and because of royalty licensing with ASCAP/BMI/SESAC/RIAA,
we must follow this rule. If you have some other circumstances, email the
contact mentioned below to get more details, or if you have questions.

3) Music will be screened by the Pawpet Staff. We reserve the right to
reject any song or act deemed inappropriate. Keep you performance to a PG
No racial, Lewd, sexual or other innapropriate material will be allowed.
This is to also conform to the internet show's general rating, as well as the
conventions guidelines.

4) All puppeteering acts should be performed behind the stage. We need to
keep the front of the stage as clear as possible. This is a puppet show
and we will try to keep everything behind the stage. Exceptions to this
would be like fursuit and costumed interactions, and must be approved before
the show. Microphones will be available for use if you have live dialouge.

5) Please be at the staging area at least 30-45 minutes before the
beginning of the show. We will need to order the acts and get the music
sorted before the show begins.

6) The "prep" waiting area will be a common area. Unless a section is
restricted to Pawpet cast members (for security or technical reasons),
this area will be available for prepping puppets and other materials for all
No assumption of privacy should be made in this area. If you require a
private space for preparation, costumng, etc., you will need to make
those preparations before reaching the staging area. (An announcement that you
require an unpopulated area for a costume change or puppet preparation
will not be accomodated.)

7) While the staff is happy to discuss aspects of the show's production,
we ask that individuals refrain from engaging in conversations with the show
staff while the set and equipment are being prepped. The pre-show period
can be very busy and stressful, and cast members need to focus on their
respective tasks.

8) We ask that individual acts limit themselves to a maximum of 5
We do not have the full list of acts yet, but we would like all
individuals interested in particiapting have the opportunity to do so.
If you wish to do more than one act, be aware that we will let you do one
act first, then if time allows, will put your second, third... in
rotation after every one has had an oppurtunity to perform at least one act.

9) Any special requests or needs must be addressed prior to the
We may not be able to accomodate requests or needs without advance

10) If you are interested in performing, we ask that you email the address
below with your intent, the act/song you will be doing, and any concerns or
questions you have. This will make it easier for us to prepare for the acts
before we rush at the convention. Those who 'pre-register' will have the first
priority to perform over the walk ins.

Over all, we try to keep the show fun, and it has gone off well at other

If you would like to subscribe to the FPS mail list to keep informed of
information on what might be happening at AC, visit
and select the mail list subscription.

If you wish to register or have any questions or concerns, email:

Thank you and hope to see lots of puppets there at AC!


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