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Funday fans dig deep for PawPet Show

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November saw another success for furry fundraising events, as the Funday PawPet Show surpassed it's target of $10,000 in just two of their 4-hour broadcasts, thrashing last year's total of $3,940.19 in less than half the time.

Over 120 people are documented as donating to the show, many already regular viewers and visitors to the shows IRC channel.

T.H. Squirrel was celebrated as the largest donor, paying $1,400 for a Herbie Bearclaw commission. Many fursuiters also donated their services, and one fursuit maker raised an extra $350.

Said regular pawpeteer Kuddlepup:

I have to say that nobody on the cast truly expected the level of support that we got tonight.

The donations are set to go to licensing fees, operating expenses and hardware upgrades.


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