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Funday PawPet Show archive at risk over licensing fees

Edited as of Wed 13 Sep 2017 - 08:50
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Funday PawPet Show logo. The characters displayed are (L-R) Mutt, Tod Ferret, Arthur, Poink, and Rummage.

The Funday Pawpet Show now offers a near-complete episode archive – but perhaps not for much longer.

Over the past few months, several hundred old episodes have been detailed and put online for download, but the risk of five-figure licensing fees has led show lead Yappy Slyfox to threaten to pull the plug.

Originally, only each week's previous broadcast was available for download, although several "old tapes" that might just happen to contain early episodes were auctioned off several years ago.

The FPS annual telethon (which raised over $10,000 in 2007) is on November 14; its 11th anniversary will be celebrated a fortnight later. The show runs 6-10PM Eastern each Sunday.


Your rating: None Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

See, this is exactly why you should always use original or royalty-free music.

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With so many furry musicians you'd think they'd find something...

(Okay, okay, non-trance might be difficult /smartalick)

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It doesn't seem to have stopped them so far - the archive is now complete, aside from a few synch issues.

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Yappy just announced that a new revenue-based license option should solve most of their problems.

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