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Upcoming furry comics for November (Previews only)

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Even less furry than August, but there are a few things, like Pirat Tales.

DC COMICS ( including CMX (manga)
SEP080189 Looney Tunes #167 32pg, color $2.25
by a bagful
It's Stuuuuuporduck!

SEP080190 Scooby-Doo #137 32pg, color $2.25
by fewer than usual
The Wicked Witch of the West Wing.

PAGE 197
SEP083701 Gold Digger #101 32 pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
Gina came face to face with her ultimate destiny last issue, so what does she do for an encore? Goes to work as a professor at Georgia State, it seems.

SEP083704 Gold Digger: Peebo Tales Special #4 32 pg, color $3.50
by Fred Perry
Brianna Diggers' bombs with child personalities are back being naughty again.

SEP083705 Gold Digger Sourcebook #22 32pg, color $3.95
by Fred Perry & Doug Dlin
More realms and dimensions.

SEP083706 Gold Digger Sourcebook Pocket Manga v. 1 sc, 5"x7", 136pg, b&w $14.95
by Fred Perry & Doug Dlin
If you wouldn't buy the pamphlets, how about the paperback? This one covers Abyssalisks to Dreadwing.

PAGE 203
SEP083735 Sonic the Hedgehog #195 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley & Jim Amash
Sonic vs. King Scourge #2.

SEP083736 Sonic X #39 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn, Steven Butler & Terry Austin
"Big Trouble in Little Station Square," Part 2.

SEP083737 Sonic the Hedgehog Select vol. 2 sc, 6"x9", 128pg, color $11.95
by various
Continuing to recycle with stories from the original Sonic Super Specials.

PAGE 275
SEP084023 Sizzle #40 mag, 64pg, b&w $5.95
by various
Another installment of Omaha the Cat Dancer in with all the other stuff.

PAGE 276
SEP084030 Fuzz and Pluck: Splitsville hb, 280pg, 7"x9" 24.99
'Ted Stearn's cult favorite heroes Fuzz and Pluck (a rooster and a bear) return in this hilariously bizarre and charming graphic novel. Fired from his degrading job at the fast food restaurant Lardy's, Pluck is taken in by Glibbia Honey, the manager for a ragtag team of gladiators. After witnessing the first contest (which involves a badger, a bag of garbage, a mallet, and five rats), Pluck vows that he himself will one day become the champion of this preposterous sport. Meanwhile, Fuzz is out on his trusty tricycle making another Lardy's delivery, unaware of Pluck's career change.' And so on. Collects Fuzz and Pluck: Splitsville ##1-5.

PAGE 280
SEP084053 Uncle Scrooge #384 sc, 7"x10", 64pg, color $7.99
by Carl Barks, Don Rosa & Janet Gilbert
'Who'll be "The Money Champ"? Scrooge, Glomgold, and a witch doctor battle in Carl Barks' feature-length classic-and an all-new Don Rosa pin-up! Next, "Madness of King Scrooge" finds our hero scrimping on a Christmas feast, while Janet Gilbert's "Scrooge's Workshop" has him foreclosing on Santa Claus!'

SEP084054 Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #699 sc, 7"x10", 64pg, color $7.99
by Carl Barks et al.
Three more Christmas-themed stories.

SEP084055 Walt Disney Treasures Volume 3: Mickey Mouse in Death Valley sc, 7"x10", 168pg, color $16.99
by Floyd Gottfredson, Romano Scarpa, Walt Disney & Win Smith
'This print companion series to Disney's famous DVDs celebrates milestones in Disney comics history. This time, it's Mickey Mouse's 80th anniversary, and we celebrate this milestone with two epic-length adventure stories! In 1930's "Mickey Mouse in Death Valley," the first-ever tale by famous "Mouse Man" Floyd Gottfredson, a Wild West treasure trek turns grim when Pegleg Pete forces our hero to become a vigilante. Then in 1960's much-requested, new-to-North America "Chirikawa Necklace," the hunt for priceless jewelry ensnares Pete, Mickey -- and snarky gun moll Trudy Van Tubb! Editorial features and long-lost behind-the-scenes art round out Gemstone's birthday book in style.'

PAGE 291
SEP084132 Pirat Tales: the Legend of the Cat O' Nine Tails #1 32pg, color $3.99
by Dan Taylor and Orlando Baez
'The infamous Captain Blacktail and his crew of swashbuckling rats set sail upon the high seas in search of a treasure equal to the ransom of kings upon kings. Many would-be plunderers have set forth to claim the treasure of the Cat O' Nine Tails-only never to return. A young mouse known as Pip will find his life forever changed as he journeys to uncharted waters on an adventure with Captain Blacktail and the rat crew of the Vile Vermin.' Arr.

PAGE 301
SEP084189 Michelangelo: the Third Kind #3 (of 4) 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Jim Lawson & Eric Talbot
Still more Utrom stuff.

SEP084190 Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #52 32pg, b&w $3.25
by Ryan Brown, Steve Murphy & Dario Brizuela
"The Crystal At the Heart of the World," Part 3. 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once again team-up with the Wild West C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa.'

PAGE 312
SEP084241 Furrlough #187 48pg, b&w $4.99
by those named herein
This new 50%-larger 25%-pricier bimonthly format brings us the still-usual three new episodes: "Lancaster the Ghost Detective" by Phil "Poinko" Gibson, "Ebin & May" by Christina Hanson, and "Cosmic Dash" by David Davis.

SEP084242 Porndexters #3 40pg, b&w $5.99
More gals wearing glasses and little else. Pinups and stories. A resolicitation from July 2007. ADULTS ONLY

PAGE 323
SEP084276 Sgt. Frog vol. 16 5"x7", 192pg, b&w $9.99
by Mine Yoshizaki
'Keroro comes up with a scheme to disguise himself as a stuffed animal and take over Pokopen. His plan successfully wins over Natsumi, but Keroro's attitude turns "loving," too. Kururu quickly chucks the plan.'


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