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Wyrmkeep Entertainment Newsletter for June 2009

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1) Inherit the Earth Comic Book #2: The second issue of the Inherit the Earth comic book, "Little Wolf Lost," has been printed and is now available. Visit the comic book’s web page where you can find links to place your order:

2) Mole’s Quest Lite for the iPhone and iPod Touch: A free trial version of Mole’s Quest is now available at Apple’s App Store. Visit the game’s website to find links to both the free Lite version and the full game

3) Inherit the Earth Webcomic Reaches 200 Strips on June 16, 2009.
You can read the continuing story at

4) Upcoming Convention: Representatives from The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. will be selling our games, comic books and other merchandise at this upcoming convention: Anthrocon, July 3-5, Pittsburgh, PA (


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