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Inherit the Earth ported to Pocket PC

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Rif, hero and protagonist of Inherit the Earth

Classic furry adventure game Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb has been ported to the Pocket PC platform by maintainers Wyrmkeep Entertainment.[1] The same company released a CD version for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X in 2004. An official comic was started in 2005.

Inherit The Earth's storyline revolves around the development of anthropomorphic species, who have formed into tribes after a biological catastrophe wiped their human creators from the Earth. The player guides a member of the Fox tribe, Rif, in his quest to locate the Orb of Storms, a technological artifact which can predict the weather.

Assisted in his quest by members of two other species, Rif and his new friends must solve several puzzles and help other characters deal with their own problems in order to achieve their goal.

The game was originally developed by The Dreamers Guild for PC (DOS) and Macintosh, and published by New World Computing in 1994. According to director Talin, the original game sold more copies for the Mac than for the PC.[2] Concept artist Lisa Sample says that plans were made for a trilogy, but disputes between publisher and developer meant no further games were made.[3] The game's engine was later adapted for I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.[4]


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