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I will be attending Anthrocon.

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I will not be attending, unfortunately, due to financial restraints [i.e. I'm completely broke]. However, my artwork will be going with my friend Dali. So go to the Art Show and buy everything, m'kay?

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I am _SO_ there!

Registered as a Supersponsor, hotel room reserved since September and gave the car some major service and an oil change last week.

I'm debuting my fursuit at the Masquerade and I even have some "art" in the Art Show this year! (I never thought I'd say that about any art I'd ever create.)

This year's AC is going to be a BIG one for me. I can hardly wait! :D


- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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Nope. Won't be there again for yet another year.
I managed to attend in it's inaugural year back in '97, but haven't been able to afford the trip since that time.
I need to get myself a substantial income going. :XP
I will be at Feral!, though. (Gonna be teaching a couple drawing workshops, too!)

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My artwork will be there, as I'm trying to mail it off this week ASAP.

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I've made it to the last two, and I'd love to see this year's con as well. I'm dying to see a furry con that's bigger than Worldcon! :)

But alas, I've duties at home that need my time and money. Those of you who go, I hope you all have a good time! Maybe I'll get to see you at FC next year.

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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Sorry $500 for the plane ticket alone.

Would take 3 Days to drive it one way from SoCal.

Well there is always FC and ConFurence instead.

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Have never gone to a furry con before, don't see why I should start now.

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