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Are you going to Anthrocon?

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38% (76 votes)
25% (49 votes)
Maybe next year
26% (52 votes)
I never go to conventions
11% (21 votes)
Votes: 198


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The way I see it, I've got time off in the middle of July, and these airline tickets from Seattle to Philly. Also a hotel room and a dealer's table set up there too for Jarlidium Press. Soooo, I might as well go to the con.

But that means I need to actually get something drawn to bring! Ack!

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*Giggles* If you go to anthrocon, you'll probably see a littl' 2ft tall sloth there....well, I'm going (me, Slothpuck) -- and possibly some of the furs I know will be there too :).


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As for me... I am waiting till maybe next year, mainly because the airline tickets aren't cheap (flight from Poland to USA isn't cheap you know)... but I will have some very intresting things to sell...

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No offense, but -- you mean there are furfans in Poland?

I thought things were a bit hectic over in Eastern Europe for an interest in furry.

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Yep! There are at least 10 registered Furries in Poland...

Stargazer & Raavi Arda are the most active now, and they organizing first polish furry convention and building a website for polish furs (PolFurs in short).

The main trouble here in Eastern Europe is missunderstanding due to our specific intrests, mostly in furry art. People often call us weirdos, wackos, zoophiles, and few names I don't want to mention. There are many furries still hiding because of lack of acceptance from the soceity, but I think that all they need is an example...

There are also a lot of people who like furry art, but they are not furries... like Fantasy and S-F fandoms.

I think it clears up a lot of things...

Take care and remember that there are a lot of furries across the world...

White Lion

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i'd love to - along with ferral and a few others - beyond my travel means for the forseeable few years though - FurCon i can and will make - already signed up fur that one - ConiFur i'm interested in too - not likely unless i find myself living back up there but tcha never know - just glad there IS one (FurCon) that's close enough for me to make it to ... ~;)

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Just FYI, that's "Feral".

As in "an animal in its wild state".

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(holds out hat) For just the price of a cup of coffee a day, you could send a skunk to Anthrocon. ;)

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I'll be there for sure. I am arriving Wednesday night, and will be staying through Monday. Just a short 4 hour drive from home! I am planning to go to 6 Flags on Thursday, and to the Philly Zoo on Friday. Details on my board at:

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