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I attend SF cons, as well as furry cons

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Ok, this will show you exactly how old a ferret-y fart I am:: My first con was Bi-Centennial 10, a Trek Con in NYC. Started reading SF much younger than that.

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well lesseee - my furrrrrrrst ever con was an OryCon when i was a member of PorSFiS up in portland oregon - along about 82 i think it was
been to abt 13 sf cons altogather more or less - all but 2 in the nw in the decade i was living up that way -
FurCon 2k2 was my furrst furry con - (also first con i roomed at the con hotel - furst i brought my own room mate -
was gonna do a one day at world con but decided much as i would have loved to have there were other things needed the cost of it worse ...
am prereg for FC 2k3 though ...
may try and take in next year's BayCon too - that remains to be seen though ... ~;)

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AS far as furcons go, my first was AC2001. I day-tripped up, got to meet a bunch a furs I had known and liked, and generally enjoyed myself. I would have been at AC2002 this weekend, but RL conspired against me.

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After attending this year's CONvergence, I have to say... sci-fi confolk really know how to PAR-TAY! I haven't had that much fun in ages.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Yeah, why the hell can't furs throw decent parties like the sci-fi crowd does?

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I've been asking this question for a few years. Still haven't found an answer.

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SF! ESS EFF! Please, don't call it "sci-fi", you make my favourite
literary/media genre sound like a cheap stereo set! (hi-fi/sci-fi)
That's always bugged me. Many SF fen feel the same.

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In fact, I was an SF fan before I'd ever heard of Furry.It was a
"fannish" friend who introduced me to us.

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of the grand total of about 12 cons i've ever been to in my life - the first 10 were before there ever were such a thing as furry cons - and i think #11 (also an sf con) was about the time they were first getting started (there WAS a fairly large furry contingent at that one ... ~;)

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