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''Finding Nemo'' was:

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38% (66 votes)
An okay movie
9% (16 votes)
A lousy movie
2% (3 votes)
I''m not going to see it
14% (25 votes)
I haven''t seen it, yet
37% (65 votes)
Votes: 175


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Don't read this if you hate spoilers....

Pixar never fails to disappoint me in its films. From the small but brilliant touches like the seagulls cries being the word "mine" to one of the best scenes of animated acting, "Dorie's I love you speech to Marlin after Nemo is presumed to be dead", I have ever scene. This may just be my favorite Pixar film.

Plus, it shows their smarts even in little things like doing away with the somewhat worn, "Out-Takes" and replacing them with a great series of Fish Tank gags by all the characters over the end credits.

Three boo's to Disney (and too Pixar too for caving on it), to chopping the tits off the Sunny Beach model in the short Knickknack.

I need to watch it again to see if the figurehead on the pirate ship in the Fish Tank has the old model for Knickknack or not. .

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In case you missed it, Finding Nemo's opening weekend box office total was $70.3 million.

That's the largest opening weekend for an animated movie, and the ninth highest overall for any movie.

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Awesome Dude!

One of the best films this year even.

Chuub chuub Sharkbait chuuub chuuub...

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Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine?

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colorful animation, interesting chars. Gets a plus for not being a boilerplate Disney movie.

"Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."

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I'll see it when it comes out. Been looking forward to it since I saw the trailer on Monsters Inc.

"Nope. Nothin' in my Noggin!"

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