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On, Artie Roo writes: "This is to tell you all that my comic strip "Alice Otter" is on the
Web! Check it out at (I know, it looks a little void right now, but that's because there's only a single strip... just give me some time!"
Description of the strip is below.

Alice Otter is the history of a mischiveous, hyper otter young girl,
her family and friends, and in this first storyline, you'll see her attempts
to convince her uncle to go to Hawaii and spend their holidays there to win
a bet! Will she prevail and win the fabulous RollerSkates of that snobish
skunk girl or will Alice have to give away her Beloved "Popoi, the Super
Rabbit(TM)" backpack?

I'll publish a new strip every Wednesday and Sunday, that is, twice a
week. If you like it, come back often, as it will refresh relatively often!
Don't forget the URL: and read
Alice Otter, the Prettiest Otter Girl on the Net! :)


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