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Anthrocon 2007 starts with a bang

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Anthrocon 2007 got off to a cracking start this Wednesday, as fireworks celebrating Independence Day broke the night sky with rivers of red flame. The fireworks could be seen clearly from the convention hotel's upper floors, reaching several hundred feet up into the air, in patterns of stars, interlocking circles, and what appeared to be mushrooms.

For many, though, the party started hours or even days ago. Furry fans started arriving in the hotel last weekend, and were reported to be filling the convention hotel lobby by Tuesday.[1] Many more seem to have taken Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off to attend the convention.

News coverage

No events are scheduled for Wednesday. Indeed, most will have to wait until Thursday afternoon to pick up their registrations. That hasn't stopped impromptu fursuit skits, though. The Dorsai Irregulars are also present in force, their familiar red shirts set to staff the Con Ops desk from 9PM to 9AM each night, after which they hand over to the convention staff.

The surplus of furs is proving a bonus to the event's organizers. A team of twelve volunteers ran through the tiresome task of packing convention books, pocket programs and flyers into the convention bags in "just an hour or so".

One of the included items was a "furvey survey" from the Niagara County Community College. Those returning the completed survey are promised a ribbon and "a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate".


  1. What the hell. - Triggur's LiveJournal (July 3, 2007)


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