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FOXmas cancelled after adverse publicity

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FOXmas 2009 promotional poster

The adults-only Christmas-themed mini-convention FOXmas has been cancelled for 2009, according to Frozen Oasis organizer and co-chair Soron.[1]

Originating in a private drinking and dancing party, the event — scheduled for 11-13 December in Rochester, New York — was intended to be more tolerant of public displays of affection than other furry gatherings.[2] Unlimited alcohol at the Saturday party was advertised for a $25 registration fee.[3]

FOXmas's promotion had a hyperbolic and decidedly mature tone,[2][3][4] leading to controversy inside and outside furry fandom.[5][6][7] The latter proved its demise when Something Awful's coverage reached hotel management, resulting in cancellation of the event's function space and room block.[8][9]

Those who pre-registered for the event have been refunded. There will still be an invitation-only party at Soron's house, as in previous years.[1]


" If it were an "adults only" thing that'd be one thing, but it's 18+ so you can draw that "elephant in the room". 18, specifically, is the legal age for sex. — The Dragoneer[6] "
" I am appalled and extremely embarrassed. This is NOT the reputation we want anywhere near our hotels. In no way, shape or form did the planner mention anything about Furries as they are called and what the group does for 'fun.' I asked him about the group during negotiations. He told me this was for a mini-convention of mascots. — hotel manager, as reported by Something Awful[7] "
" Skritching, hugging, lapsitting, kissing, and groping should be allowed between consenting adults at conventions - and it will be at ours. — Jaspian Stealthpaw[2] "
" There will be a private party, but unfortunately due to space restrictions, it must be invite only and limited to about 30 furs. Also there are several hotels interested in hosting us in 2010 even with the controversy that has ensued — Soron[1] "


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