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Morphicon Miscellanea - December 2010 newsletter

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After much waiting, the December 2010 edition of Morphicon Miscellanea is out! Inside we have an interview with Convention Chair Jewel regarding this year's theme Furries in Wonderland, tips on winter travel, an update on February Fursuit Bowling, and a request for your input.

Editor's note: Jewel also mentioned that The Frozen Oasis is to replace Friday night's dance as an official event, as announced at FOXmas 2010.

FOXmas cancelled after adverse publicity

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FOXmas 2009 promotional poster

The adults-only Christmas-themed mini-convention FOXmas has been cancelled for 2009, according to Frozen Oasis organizer and co-chair Soron.[1]

Originating in a private drinking and dancing party, the event — scheduled for 11-13 December in Rochester, New York — was intended to be more tolerant of public displays of affection than other furry gatherings.[2] Unlimited alcohol at the Saturday party was advertised for a $25 registration fee.[3]

FOXmas's promotion had a hyperbolic and decidedly mature tone,[2][3][4] leading to controversy inside and outside furry fandom.[5][6][7] The latter proved its demise when Something Awful's coverage reached hotel management, resulting in cancellation of the event's function space and room block.[8][9]

Frozen Oasis returns to Anthrocon

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The Frozen Oasis XI poster

The Frozen Oasis is planning to make a splash at Anthrocon 2007 this Friday, with a three-room suite reserved for the late-night rave.[1][2] The party specializes in drum and bass music, but has also featured synthpop and electronic body music.[3]

Whatever's playing, it's certainly popular. At least 200 furs attended on Frozen Oasis' first night at Further Confusion 2007, and more than 150 on the second, with estimates ranging to over double these figures.[4] More recently, the party drew 94 at Morphicon 2007 - over a third of the convention's 245 attendees.[5]

Part of the attraction may be the booze, though the party also offers multi-coloured lei and glow sticks to lighten the mood. Most conventions have their own official dances, but alcohol is rarely available - definitely not the case here, where alcohol consumption is measured in tens of gallons.