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FOXmas cancelled after adverse publicity

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FOXmas 2009 promotional poster

The adults-only Christmas-themed mini-convention FOXmas has been cancelled for 2009, according to Frozen Oasis organizer and co-chair Soron.[1]

Originating in a private drinking and dancing party, the event — scheduled for 11-13 December in Rochester, New York — was intended to be more tolerant of public displays of affection than other furry gatherings.[2] Unlimited alcohol at the Saturday party was advertised for a $25 registration fee.[3]

FOXmas's promotion had a hyperbolic and decidedly mature tone,[2][3][4] leading to controversy inside and outside furry fandom.[5][6][7] The latter proved its demise when Something Awful's coverage reached hotel management, resulting in cancellation of the event's function space and room block.[8][9]