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Anthrocon selects Animal Friends as 2007 charity

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Animal Friends

Anthrocon has selected local no-kill animal shelter Animal Friends as its 2007 charity.[1]

The shelter will benefit from the proceeds of Anthrocon's annual charity auction, which raised $5,845 for the Western Pennsylvania National Wild Animal Orphanage last year (the charity's total revenue was $8,400).[2] Representatives of the charity will also be available as in the dealers room.

Animal Friends, founded in 1943, places over 2,500 dogs, cats, and rabbits into homes each year. It is located on Camp Horne Road, ten minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh.[3]


News coverage
  1. Animal Friends is Anthrocon's 2007 Charity!, Rigel, Anthrocon's LiveJournal (Febuary 17, 2007)
  2. Anthrocon Charity Auction FAQ, Rigel (February 7, 2007)
  3. Animal Friends: About Us


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