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New hotel aids Califur revival

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Syber and Skittles prowl the halls (photo by Orzel; more)

Visitors to this month's Califur had low expectations after last year's disappointing experience.[1] Instead, hotel and convention staff delivered what attendees dubbed "the best Califur by a wide margin", "light years better than the last time" and "the best year yet".[1][2][3]

The registration count rose 23% to 720,[4] with several dealers reporting a decent profit.[5][6][5][7] The event made much of its safari theme, printing the now-common personalized room keys. Several fursuiters played along, accessorizing their costumes with plastic guns and crossbows; at least 87 participated in the fursuit parade.[8]

Some commented adversely on the presence of Cal Cotton, a dealer in real fur tails, mink-tipped floggers and scrimshaws.[9][10] It was not their first year, though, and despite recent activism against the use of real fur in plush toys, many attendees saw no real problem.[9][2]

Califur 4's venue was memorable for all the wrong reasons — a disappointing ice-cream social,[11] filming (albeit by furries) in the halls,[12] and a wedding reception forcing the event into what one con-goer described as a "furry ghetto" of black curtains.[13][14] The curtains were so notorious that their lack was advertised as a feature of the new hotel, the Irvine Mariott.[15]

Califur is to return to the Mariott on June 4-6, 2010, with the theme of "Fabulous Furry Funnies!"[16][17] The next FENEC event is Califur Diego, a furmeet to be held at Comic-Con.[18]


" I went to Califur...really against my better judgment. I was sorely disappointed with last year's experience, as were many others. Off I went, expecting nothing. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! — Talutie[1] "
" Each con has their own vibe. This one still echoes strongly of the era of Confurence. — Orzel Tastyeagle[19] "
" I had so much fun this year that it kicked all of the other years asses. :3 — Oggy Wolf[20] "



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