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Califur 2007 schedule finalized, including the Ursa Major Awards

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Califur 3 has recently updated its website with complete programming schedules for the weekend of May 4-6, 2007. The events page indicates that the schedules were last updated on April 24.[1]

Advance registration numbers have been larger than expected and all available Dealers Den spaces have sold out.[2] Online registration is now closed, but membership can still be purchased at the door for $45. Attendees who pre-registered early will receive specially-made durable plastic badges.[3]

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One of the highlights of the weekend will be the presentation of the 2006 Ursa Major Awards. There will also be an ice cream social, a fursuit dance, a fursuit parade, a pet auction, Le Cabaret Fur Le Dance, an art show and an art auction. Artist Roz Gibson has also been added to Guest of Honor lineup, which includes rising artist Balaa and musician Marc Gunn.

The theme for Califur this year is "Your Favorite Furry Villains" and will be held at the The Holiday Inn - Costa Mesa in Costa Mesa, California.[4]


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