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Pouchhopper's friends raise $1600 for memorial outback trip

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Pouchhopper and Rainhopper's reception

The late artist, fursuit designer and plush toy maker Pouchhopper will be leaving a legacy behind him. His husband Rainhopper is collecting funds to make a trip to spread Pouchhopper's ashes in the Australian outback, thanks to some very generous donations, all funds raised shall be donated to a local kangaroo sanctuary in his memory.[1]

Pouchhopper was a long-time member of the furry fandom, providing funding for ConFurence 0, and presenting several convention panels on fursuit construction and design. In recent years he suffered from cancer, resulting in scoliosis, though he remained dedicated to fandom activities. He died in his sleep at his home on May 6, aged 38.[2]

The collection was launched on May 13. Over $1600 has been raised in the first week of donations.[3][4]

" I think of everything people have done to help me through this, this has been helping the most, seeing people put in anything from a few bucks to well over 150$ and watching it grow. "

Donations via PayPal, money order, cashiers or personal check are being accepted through Rainhopper's email address, Well-wishers have also been invited to send cards to Pouchhopper's mother through this address, and to leave their memories of Pouchhopper on his LiveJournal.


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