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Red Blue & White selects 'Furs in Black' theme

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Red Blue & White

Red Blue & White plans to make a splash with 'Furs in Black', to be hosted December 1-2 on board a River Thames party boat.[1][2]

The meetup is headed by Rapido of the Londonfurs, who has hopes of doubling last December's attendance of 85.[3][4] This year's boat, the Golden Jubilee, can hold up to 240 guests, and has a built-in DJ booth and dance floor.[5] Non-boat events will be held on both days at the City Golf Bar in Blackfriars.

As with last year, a show by stand-up comedian 2 Gryphon is a central part of the event. Other planned activities include a fursuit photoshoot and disco, along with themed activities.[6] A similar theme, the Furry Intelligence Agency, was used in 2002 by the organizers of Eurofurence 8.[7]

After RBW, the next major event in the UK is ConFuzzled, planned for June 2008.


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