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WikiFur launches in German

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WikiFur was especially active this week with the arrival of a German-language sister project founded by Eurofurence media contact o'wolf. Also recently started is WikiFur's Czech-language version, founded in mid-August by local fur Xkun with assistance from Lokosicek.

Close to a hundred German articles have been created in the first week, many with the aid of automatic translation tools. Some completely new articles on European topics, such as the Schweizer Stammtisch, have been translated from German to English.

The launch appeared to be spurred by competition from a similar wiki, founded by administrator Tristan the day before articles began to appear on the German version of WikiFur. Some initial German translations were transferred from this wiki under the terms of the GFDL.[1] Direct contributors to the new site include Suran, Doco, C J, MOW, Conti, Ysegrim, Luxen, Jaga Fuxfell, BigBlueFox and Eisfuchs.[2]

The Czech WikiFur features hand-translated articles on basic furry culture, as well as entries for people and events in the local furry community, and is intended as an introduction to the fandom for Czech furs.

WikiFur has a French project launched in March which is currently leaderless. It also partners with TurriWiki, a pre-existing Finnish-language furry wiki. Over 8,200 articles have been created since WikiFur's foundation in July 2005.


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