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ConiFur NorthWest Needs Fursuits!

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ConiFur NorthWest is coming soon this fall (October 26th-28th) in Seattle and is looking for help from the furry costumers in the genre to help out. The Masquerade to be held Saturday night (Oct 27th) will be done in a slightly different format than other similar events of this type in that we will be putting on a fashion/beauty pageant.

A common problem at many costuming events is that people new to this aspect are shy on stage or may have put all their efforts into making their suits as good as they can but haven't put much thought into what they will do once they are on stage in front of a crowd and just sort of stand there like deer in the headlights (which might be kind of neat for a cervid costume!). We are proposing a fashion show / beauty pageant where the stage will be marked off in several locations. A presenter just needs to hit their spots on the stage, stop, spin, pose, go to the next spot. This ensures that everyone gets a good view of the costume. If they have their own skit, that's fine too.

We should have a box of props available which should be a bit of fun, especially if it is given to the presenter just as they get up on stage (random props). Imagine a coyote trying to figure out how to model a lovely kerchief, scarf, beachball or plastic bucket.

Awards will be given out completely unbased upon popularity of individual suits but instead for things like, "The most creative use of a rubber chicken," or "Best Grip."

All costumers are welcome. It doesn't matter if you have presented your costume or not, we want everyone to participate. Hall costumes to full fledged stage presentations. We'll have the facility from Noon or so on Saturday through the rest of the day up to the presentation itself that evening for rehearsals, clinics, etc.

Come join the ConiFur NorthWest Masquerade! For more information, contact us at:

Dan Canaan / Flinthoof Ponypal

ConiFur NorthWest


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