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ArtSpots mulls expanding ratings, quality levels

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All-ages furry art gallery ArtSpots may extend its ratings to include a level allowing "tasteful nudity", according to site leader Higgins Dragon.

The issue is a touchy one, as many artists use the site as a secondary "professional gallery" to show to family and co-workers. However, users appear to favour the idea, as long as it is restricted to those with companion status - a measure of drawing skill.

Also under consideration is a forum-based process of awarding this status, and that of the guild master, which is intended to focus on more subjective traits like colour and composition.

The debate began when users highlighted an inability to filter out sexually suggestive artwork without dropping to PG. Some expressed concern that content was pushing the PG-13 rating. Like its predecessor Yerf, ArtSpots has suffered from limited volunteer time, resulting in a slowdown in reviews and a delay before removal of reported images.


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I was initially concerned upon reading this because I thought it might mean that in order to stay vital, ArtSpots might have to loosen their standards drastically and wind up becoming another FurAffinity, where pretty much anything goes. (No offense intended towards FurAffinity.)

But after checking out the recent forum entries at ArtSpots, I've found that those concerns were unfounded. The discussions there have been remarkably intelligent and constructive (rare in an internet forum these days), and all quite encouraging. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes finalized and implemented.

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I think ArtSpots is trying to find ways in which it can serve its existing audience better, rather than replace them with a new one. It has its niche, and it's sticking to it.

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