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ArtSpots to close January 2; Yerf archive preserved

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All-ages furry art community ArtSpots is to close January 2, as efforts to create a new site could not be reconciled with the existing one. The move was announced by the official staff persona of Seurat:

These last few weeks planning the future of ArtSpots has been full of great ideas. However, we have wrestled with many roadblocks as well. This site has been around for over five years now, and with that has come a lot of expectations. We have come to the conclusion, sad as it may be, that given ArtSpots original goals and its history, it would be impossible to move forward with these new ideas.

The Yerf historical archive, currently hosted at ArtSpots, is to move to a new site built by WikiFur custodian GreenReaper and hosted by Timduru.

The closure will leave a vacuum in the market for all-ages furry art hosting. Many artists are expected to move to deviantART, where a group has been created for trading-post art.

Inkbunny breaks even on hosting, while ArtSpots revamps

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Furry art gallery Inkbunny says it is covering hosting costs from sales after three months of operation. The maximum file size of free works has also doubled to 20Mb. The site, launched in June, sells artists' prints and downloads for a 20% cut, and hosts over 15,000 works.

Meanwhile, all-ages art site ArtSpots has undergone a complete redesign – much to the surprise of users. While many praised the new layout, not all like the "blog-like" artist homepages, and some feel the new site lacks useful features like sketch chat.

The changes come not long after Fur Affinity updated its own menu style. The new design provides slightly cleaner visuals and more horizontal space, but also more prominent ads.

ArtSpots mulls expanding ratings, quality levels

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All-ages furry art gallery ArtSpots may extend its ratings to include a level allowing "tasteful nudity", according to site leader Higgins Dragon.

The issue is a touchy one, as many artists use the site as a secondary "professional gallery" to show to family and co-workers. However, users appear to favour the idea, as long as it is restricted to those with companion status - a measure of drawing skill.

Also under consideration is a forum-based process of awarding this status, and that of the guild master, which is intended to focus on more subjective traits like colour and composition.

The debate began when users highlighted an inability to filter out sexually suggestive artwork without dropping to PG. Some expressed concern that content was pushing the PG-13 rating. Like its predecessor Yerf, ArtSpots has suffered from limited volunteer time, resulting in a slowdown in reviews and a delay before removal of reported images.

ArtSpots merges with JaxPad; offers $500 scholarship, 2¢ promotion

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All-ages anthropomorphic art gallery ArtSpots has announced its merger with sister site JaxPad, effective immediately.[1] In addition, ArtSpots is offering an art student scholarship, and running a "give two cents, get two cents" promotion designed to increase comments.[2][3]

ArtSpots and JaxPad already shared the same database, but ArtSpots only showed the art of those vetted by a review process. ArtSpots will now cater to artists of all skill levels, with special recognition for those it previously featured. Site spokescheetah Seurat said these artists would be referred to as compagnon (journeymen), with the prospect of a higher "master" level in the future.

Yiffit promises adult version of ArtSpots

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The architects of quality-controlled all-ages furry art site ArtSpots have licensed the site's source code to Inaki, who is launching a separate site, Yiffit, dedicated to "high quality adult anthropomorphic animal artwork."[1]

Another site, Furverts, will hold mature furry art of all quality levels.[2] Cub art, and works centering around infantilism, excessive gore, scat and snuff will not be permitted on either site.[3]

ArtSpots, JaxPad launch Giclée prints service

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Spokescheetah Seurat today announced the launch of a Giclée prints service for sister art archives ArtSpots and JaxPad.[1][2]

The service's pricing policy differs from that of competitors deviantART and, where artists get 50% of the profit above the base price, with an additional photo printing subscription.[3][4] At ArtSpots the base price is greater; however, artists get all of the profit they set, with no subscription. Seurat also claims a significantly higher quality of output than competing services.

Prints are available in twelve different sizes, from 8"x10" to 24"x36", on smooth, textured (up to 18"x24") and velvet paper, all "archival-quality". Base prices range from $7.45 for the smallest smooth print, to $54.95 for the largest velvet print. They are created using an Epson Stylus Pro 7800, a 2880x1440 dpi inkjet eight-color printer.[5]