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ArtSpots, JaxPad launch Giclée prints service

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Spokescheetah Seurat today announced the launch of a Giclée prints service for sister art archives ArtSpots and JaxPad.[1][2]

The service's pricing policy differs from that of competitors deviantART and, where artists get 50% of the profit above the base price, with an additional photo printing subscription.[3][4] At ArtSpots the base price is greater; however, artists get all of the profit they set, with no subscription. Seurat also claims a significantly higher quality of output than competing services.

Prints are available in twelve different sizes, from 8"x10" to 24"x36", on smooth, textured (up to 18"x24") and velvet paper, all "archival-quality". Base prices range from $7.45 for the smallest smooth print, to $54.95 for the largest velvet print. They are created using an Epson Stylus Pro 7800, a 2880x1440 dpi inkjet eight-color printer.[5]

Published reviews have consistently praised the output quality of the printer series.[6][7] One reviewer stated that:

" There isn’t much more to say beyond excellent in terms of image quality.[8] "

ArtSpots and JaxPad are two front-ends to a non-adult art archive with a shared user and image database. ArtSpots requires artists to pass a review for their art to be displayed on the site,[9] a process similar to that of Yerf. The websites were launched in October 2006, and currently host over 5,000 images.


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