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Yiffit promises adult version of ArtSpots

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The architects of quality-controlled all-ages furry art site ArtSpots have licensed the site's source code to Inaki, who is launching a separate site, Yiffit, dedicated to "high quality adult anthropomorphic animal artwork."[1]

Another site, Furverts, will hold mature furry art of all quality levels.[2] Cub art, and works centering around infantilism, excessive gore, scat and snuff will not be permitted on either site.[3]

Yiffit applicants will be required to submit three to five pieces, including at least one "finished work" and one sketch.[4]

A source close to the project suggests artists will graduate from Furverts to Yiffit on "looser" criteria than JaxPad and ArtSpots. Yiffit's FAQ states that artists are expected to understand "some basics of drawing,"[5] while ArtSpots requires that an artist "understands the basics of anatomy, perspective, lighting and composition."[6]


  1. Yiffit - About
  2. Furverts - About
  3. Furverts - Ratings
  4. Yiffit - Application Guidelines
  5. Yiffit - FAQ
  6. ArtSpots - FAQ


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