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Buffalo News interviews furry researcher

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Dr. Kathy Gerbasi

Dr. Kathy Gerbasi has given an interview on her research to the Buffalo News. [credit: Higgs Raccoon/furrymedia]

Dr. Gerbasi was the lead author of Furries From A to Z, published in Society & Animals in 2008.

See also: Preliminary results from the Anthrocon 2009 survey


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I'm sure she is a lovely woman and has good intentions, but that article is... She suggests that some furries suffer from "species identity disorder." We should not be promoting this as an example of positive research on furries.

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Like media coverage, if you specify that research must be "positive" you will probably not get many researchers.

The question for me is whether the data is accurate. If so, it is valuable. Her conclusions are her own business, though I'd note that she did helpfully test for and not find "characteristics in common with personality disorders."

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It would be really good of others start to do more research into furries. I was very interested in the part about furry typologies. It would also be nice to find out more about how we tick, why we really do feel the way we do and so on.

At least if several researchers came up with the conclusion that we all have some "species identity disorder" it could answer some questions and having one more disorder around probably won't cause (m)any negative affects, at least that's I what think. :p

SDF of Blitzcoder

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Maybe you could get species reassignment surgery!

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I know you were totally joking and it was funny! :D

But I think that shows the potential problem with "disordering" furry: it makes light of the very real issues that people with sex/gender disorders have. It's like comparing chocoholics with alcoholics: one is an overenthusiasm for delicious treats, the other is a real problem that needs treatment and attention.

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You know I used to order dark chocolate in 5kg (11 lb) bars? Good times. Took me 3/4 of a year to eat one, and I had to gnaw through one-and-a-half inches of it (after getting out the hammer and chisel), but that's what teeth are for, right?

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Clearly you are suffering from chocoaddictive disorder D:

No but seriously, have you ever had the "spicy" chocolate? That stuff is crazy great.

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In all honesty, I'm not a fan of chocolate with additives, though I used to like Terry's Chocolate Oranges. I prefer the plain 70% from Callebaut, in 1kg bags of callets (easier to eat).

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