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Fursuit Fracas 2010 nominations open

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The Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas has opened this year's nominations.

Fandom members are invited to submit both full-body fursuits and partial fursuits which cover the wearer completely when clothes are included. Fursuits should be owned by other furry fans; corporate and sports mascots are not eligible, and copyrighted characters may be removed on request.

Up to eight fursuits owned by any one person will be considered. Self-nominations must be balanced by nominations for the suits of others. Owners wishing to exclude individual suits or opt out completely must do so before April 3. Nominations must be in before March 30.

The Fracas grew to 326 suits last year, resulting in plans to change the knockout format.


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Information above is incorrect; owners must opt out of the tournament before April 3rd, not March 30th. Otherwise last-minute nominees will have no chance to choose whether or not to participate.

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My apologies; I have updated the post. Though personally I think giving people notice that they've been nominated for that reason is excessive. If they care enough to opt-out, they should know that before the competition!

It's a good excuse to remind them it's on, though. ;-)

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