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Fursuit Fracas finished; Flux foils Frisbee

Edited as of Tue 31 Aug 2010 - 23:27
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Voting for the 2010 Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas has concluded with a clear winner: Flux.

The self-made blue kangaroo spared no expense in promotion, going so far as to hand out personalized energy drinks at Anthrocon 2010. He won with 350 votes to Frisbee's 281.

This year's competition attracted 384 entrants. Voting was open to all LiveJournal users. Both finalists had a single nomination, and received a bye for one single-elimination stage.

The battle for third place was closer, ending 309 to 296. Per prior arrangement, Clementine may now pie Greifer at next year's Doo Dah Parade.


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A fine end to a useless conpetition
I wish Fursuit Fracas has some consideration of merit and contribution to the fandom rather than just popularity.

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Let them have fun and stop being a killjoy. :/

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People don't generally become popular without providing some enjoyment to those around them, and that's worth recognizing. Sometimes it's nice just to watch the shiny happy people having fun. And hey, it stimulates the economy!

If you're looking for a fursuit award based on quality of workmanship or performance, I believe FC does some.

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Why not? It's how people in politics do it, lol.

Seriously I wouldn't mind having a beer with that one, I mean that's what we're voting on right?

I sometimes think people worry to much about why other people are voting on something. It tends to me to seem that they want to have more say then others.

It's like going to a meta-critic site and seeing someone vote a 0 with the explanation: I would NORMALLY vote a 6 for this game but there are so many fanbois voting a 10 that I had to vote a 0 to counteract it.

The site is asking you what you think, not asking you to balance the outcome to what you think the overall outcome should be. If you say it's worth a six, vote a six. Voting a Zero because others voted a 10 even though you didn't think the game was a zero is pretty much saying "I think the game is a 6 and I'll be damned if the website says any different, because the website should agree with me. So I'll say zero so that someday the game will appear to be a six amongst everyone".

I think some of the problem is is that people can see the votes before they are finalized and vote based on the votes sometimes. Which is not what a vote is for.

In voting competitions the experts have as much say as the mundanes. The political columnists get one vote, and so do the average people, though the former can try and sway the decision of others through their writings. Which is how it should be. I would rather it be the few trying to convince the many, then the many trying to convince the few.

I don't talk about the Fursuit Fracas because I am completely neutral to these kind of competitions. Even though I know a few of them I don't think it's fair of me to try and plug someone just because I know them. But other will do that and they're free to do that.

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I am done with my ning

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