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Fursuit Fracas nominations close April 15

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Fursuit owners have less than a fortnight to get their nominations in for this year's edition of the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas.

This year, only owners may nominate fursuits – up to four per person. Future events may occur on a biannual schedule.

40 suits had been nominated as of March 28. Last year's competition attracted 384 entries.

Fracas referee Stevie Maxwell explained the reasons behind the changes, suggested in last year's members' poll:

The guy in charge wants to make the tournament seem more "special" when it comes around [...] Having it opt-in is also less work for us on staff [...] it also eliminates the "I wanna drop out now" demands in the middle of the tournament.

Stevie suggested that an annual schedule might resume given sufficient staff.


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I worry that the Fursuit Fracas may be shooting itself in the foot with the new self-nomination requirement. It's one thing to accept a friend's nomination, but quite another to put yourself forward. I doubt many fursuiters I know would do so.

Besides, if the point is to showcase less-well-known owners and builders, why favour those inclined to put themselves out there?

I can appreciate the workload issues. It must take a long, long time to organize. Perhaps they could try asking for more staff?

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I think what they are aiming for is that fursuiters who don't want to participate don't have to. As long as they inform someone they've been nominated and ask if they have permission then it shouldn't have to much of an impact other then less complaining by those who don't want to be a part of it.

At least that's what it sounds like.

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That's how it worked before. What they're doing now is only accepting nominations from the owners of the fursuits.

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It sounds more like a traditional pageant this way, I'm thinking.

Miss USA may get letters of recommendation, but she's still competing because she entered.

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Sounds like fun. Unfortunately the site is totally unusable, because of the bad design structure. I once found a video about Flux, but never been able to find it back.

Site needs to be redone so it's useable, then it'll surely become bigger.

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