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Russian WikiFur passes 1000-article mark

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The Russian WikiFur (???????; translation) today passed the 1000-article mark.

12,600 edits have been made by editors since it was founded in September 2008 by Wikipedia administrator OckhamTheFox. Other lead contributors include EvilCat, Leo Rex, Shnatsel, Dokatamaru, Zhuravlik and NightFox.

While most popular in English, WikiFur has editions in sixteen different languages plus two partner projects, totaling almost 15,000 articles. A fifth of visitors use non-English browsers.

The Russian WikiFur was the second project to be founded on WikiFur's new server, and the sixth overall. It has drawn ahead, benefiting from experienced leadership, a strong literary tradition, increasingly high Internet penetration, and over a decade of organized Russian furry activity.

Wikipedia's Russian edition reached their own milestone last month, celebrating 500,000 articles by replacing their logo with half a lemon.


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