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Fur Affinity helps users fav, watch, delete each other's work

Edited by Kakurady as of Sat 8 May 2010 - 12:00
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Online furry art community Fur Affinity took a step forward today, announcing a new way to fav posts, watch users and delete works.

Regular users welcomed the feature, which has been in testing for over a year:

Once, I actually had to get my friends to view my work. Now I just make a LiveJournal post, and *poof* – it's fav'd!

Those seeking friends may gain watchers in a similar way; those who feel a piece requires more work can just email its author to remove it.

Site owner Dragoneer has promised to extend the functionality to delete whole accounts, once it is actually possible to delete an account.

The website has been under pressure from recently-relaunched SoFurry, which last month revealed a feature allowing users to share accounts. Fur Affinity trialled a similar feature in late 2007, only to be overrun by traffic.

The new features comes shortly after work on streamlining registration for those uploading entire galleries at once, and a 64GB RAM upgrade to FA's database server. The site is ranked 2,150 in the U.S. by Alexa.


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*adds Flayrah to the list of sites to ignore on April 1st due to 'Foolish douchery*

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*Adds Flayrah to the list of sites to enjoy on April 1st due to 'good humor'*

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Black humour, in this case, since the underlying facts are true.

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*Adds Flayrah to his home page... again... permanently! on April 1st due to 'continuing to be awesome'*

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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What are furries but professional fools?

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