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Furry to Furry cuts services to stay afloat

Edited as of Mon 17 May 2010 - 00:34
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Long-running forum Furry to Furry is to cut several non-essential services, according to an announcement mailed to users thirty minutes ago.

New requirements imposed by forum provider Vbulletin call for positive identification of all adult members. Due to the size of F2F, all adult services are to be removed instead.

Affected galleries and stories will be deleted by May, when the new terms of service come into effect.

Worse, due to budget constraints, the site is being forced to sharply reduce bandwidth use:

The bandwidth available to the site is being cut to about one tenth of what it was before due to Vbulletin raising their prices significantly on the package we currently use, forcing us to settle for a cheaper package. — Furry to Furry management

The irrelevant flash game section is to be removed, as are the casual roleplay, story and Advanced Yiffy boards. The Advanced Non-Yiffy board will remain, but is to be policed on spelling, grammar and content to avoid bandwidth waste on badly-written or trivial content.

Dedicated sections covering greymuzzles, littlefurs, plushies and spirituality are also to be removed, after objections from site members.


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