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Furry to Furry

Furry to Furry users leave trail of boards in search for home

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Furry to Furry logo Users of adult furry forum Furry to Furry have had a wild month after the site's demise, allegedly due to failure to pay hosting bills.

After moving through various forum providers (notably Proboards, who blocked one of the alternate sites' founders), a privately-hosted board has been set up under the administration of Cethlenn Miles, Tanara and Rukia Kuchiki.

A form to submit contact information remains available in the event of further outages. The domain name remains owned by the original host, Amok (Darkenwolf).

Furry to Furry cuts services to stay afloat

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Long-running forum Furry to Furry is to cut several non-essential services, according to an announcement mailed to users thirty minutes ago.

New requirements imposed by forum provider Vbulletin call for positive identification of all adult members. Due to the size of F2F, all adult services are to be removed instead.