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Furry to Furry users leave trail of boards in search for home

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Furry to Furry logo Users of adult furry forum Furry to Furry have had a wild month after the site's demise, allegedly due to failure to pay hosting bills.

After moving through various forum providers (notably Proboards, who blocked one of the alternate sites' founders), a privately-hosted board has been set up under the administration of Cethlenn Miles, Tanara and Rukia Kuchiki.

A form to submit contact information remains available in the event of further outages. The domain name remains owned by the original host, Amok (Darkenwolf).


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I don't know how I will sound while saying this, but the only way to find out is to say it. So, here goes...

What other 'adult' things on an 'adult furry forum' can possibly be discussed aside from various topics involving fucking in some way or form?

Well, I'll be...

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Mortgages? Parental responsibilities? Laundry? Politics?

. . . yes, most such content is roleplaying involving nudity or sexual situations. Though it's pretty tame, overall; the most popular area right now appears to be word games. (There's a minimum post requirement to view adult forums.)

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Or if they're exceptionally adult: Bingo, Social Security, and those damn kids on their lawn.

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So Amok proves to be a schmuck by being a cheapskate and not paying his bill on time?

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