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ArtPiles enters open beta

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Furry art community ArtPiles has opened its doors. The site is looking to sign up 100 users for an open beta.

Its creator, ekigyuu, was the founder of Furry Art Pile, a similar site which ran September 2006–September 2008 before being shut down, despite community objections. The site hosted over 30,000 works at the time.


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Know that saying "once bitten, twice shy"?
Yeah, that. For all that FAP was a clearly superior alternative to FA, hosting a gallery with someone who's previously grown "bored" with running a gallery site? Not really an option.

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It is therefore clear to me that ekigyuu must bring another fur on board to take over when he (inevitably?) becomes "bored" with running the site. Some people out there are builders who have no interest in the tedium of keeping a system running. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's irresponsible or immature to not have a plan to keep the system running; perhaps he has learned this lesson about himself, if this is indeed the case.

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He has subsequently stated his intention to do something similiar - he wants a moderator to actually run the site.

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I really loved FAP, and was sad to see it go... but I do have to agree with Quoting_Mungo - I doubt this will last a long time no matter how good it is, because for all we know the exact same thing will just happen again. =(

+ Banrai

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I'm willing to give it a second try. I also can't wait for the place to accept art in the written form.

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The word "piles" in the site-name always makes me think of warts. *shudder*

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