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Furry Art Pile ceases operation

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Furry Art Pile, an art archive and social networking site, has ceased operation after a little less than two years.

On the morning of August 28, 2008, those accessing the site saw the following message:

" FAP started two years ago to satisfy an itch, to be a better art website. For furries.

In this time, FAP grew into a very fun project. I developed solutions to very difficult technical problems, created new user interfaces, and learned a lot about maintaining a social website.

Two years later, this isn't fun for me anymore. I spend too much time everyday developing new features and optimizing the code to perfection; I never have time for my other projects. (Trust me, they're awesome projects).

So, I'm closing FAP.

Thank you for using FAP,



FAP will continue to host files until the end of the month (when the donations run out).


The message went on to provide the following URLs for artists to download their own galleries: artists.php
and for connoisseurs to download their favorites: connoisseurs.php. Social-networking website MyFursona had shown interest in acquiring Furry Art Pile before it went offline, however were unsuccessful.[1]

On September 1, the site began to redirect to a music video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up".


  1. MyFursona and Furry Art Pile Posted by Tori Belliachi, August 28, 2008. Retrieved August 28, 2008.


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