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Henry Doorly CEO says zoo needs pupils, not pandas

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The Omaha World-Herald covers CEO Dennis Pate's vision for the Henry Doorly Zoo.

According to Pate, advances in zookeeping theory and the conservation state of species mean certain areas, like the nursery and cat house, are now redundant.

In their place he wants to see a stronger focus on the zoo's research activities, larger spaces for animals, and even a high school.



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I'd go to a high school next to a zoo. ^^

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Perhaps you could get credit for feeding the lions!

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I'd do it for real. :| I've always been an animal lover. ?

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Taking care of wild animals is fairly easy, though certain individuals wish to restrict "ownership" due to their political beliefs. I've taken care of wild animals from baby jack rabbits to small squirrels, anyone who has dedication can do the right thing.

One must take care though, knowledge of the animal is extremely important. By not knowing or not paying attention, one can end up with scars or accidentally kill an animal.

I don't care to visit most zoos, as they're typically for profit and people behind organizations aren't looking for the animals' best interest. Many animals which are permanent resident of zoos are can't undergo rehabilitation or are damaged in some way. Another problem if you've read the article, animals are traded and leased as a commodity. Animals born under contract are property of the owners who are the rightful owners of the parents.

What I find most despicable, the welfare of certain species are at stake and people are more concerned about money.

I agree with parts of the article, containment areas need to be expanded. The lifespan of animals are often shortened due to the mental stress. If you keep a wild animal bound up in a small cage, it's most likely to kill itself. Any avian owner can tell you stress is a serious factor to maintain when you own an animal like a macaw. If you hang a bell in the cage and the bell keeps ringing, there is a good chance the bird will make a reasonable attempt to snap its own neck.

Zoos need to say more than "needs pupils, not pandas", they need to downsize the stock of animals already in containment. Personally, I'd rather visit a animal sanctuary than a zoo.

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