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Fursuiters feature in indie pop music video

Edited as of Mon 17 May 2010 - 12:04
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New York indie pop band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have included fursuiters in the music video for Higher Than the Stars, shot November 4.

Lead singer Kip Berman touched on the video in a recent SXSW interview:

We recently shot a video with a lot of "furries" (or more politely, "fur suiters") in it… it’s pretty funny, I think. Maybe not as exciting as female prisons or post-apocalyptic lord of the green screen fantasies, but for us — it’s a start.

Some of those involved are listed here, with a few photos. How many can you identify?

(also available on YouTube)


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That's very cute to see. I dig the music too. There's lots of things to like the about this video. The use of colour, the fun shots of furries dancing and lounging on the couches - but my favourite is the cute and different reactions of the band members when the song finishes.

And as Coyoty mentions in his blog this is particularly significant for being perhaps the first outside media outlet hiring furries to be fursuiters instead of actors.

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I did a little digging and found the original request for fursuiters. Apparently they got paid $50, too!

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I'm rather impressed. A music video that actually used furs in its video.

Its great to see us getting involved in mainstream media.

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