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Were-creature anthology editor looking for submissions

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Ekaterina Sedia, editor of werewolf anthology Running with the Pack, is putting together a sequel under the title Bewere the Night. [tip: Astolpho]

Stories should be of a "general urban fantasy vein" and must deal with were-creatures. Originals (5 cent/word) and reprints (1 cent) of 1,000 to 7,500 words are acceptable. Submissions must be in by December 2010 for a May 2011 release.


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Well, as good money as 5 cents a word is, it kind of makes it so that someone will be more apt to use more words to convey their ideas rather then a more precise vocabulary that can summarize one's meaning into a more compact and more artsy form.

Though I'd have to think about this one, been meaning to get back to writing for awhile, I'm getting bored of gaming at the moment, seems like a good a time as any.

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That's just the nature of the beast. Pay rates of pennies per word has been the constant for decades and there's always been the risk of bloated material for just that reason. The thing that balances it out is the Editor, who cuts and trims away the fat (or else demands that the writer do so) before he actually pays a penny for any material.

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Saw this in the "on this day" section. I don't know if a followup was ever posted here on Flayrah when the anthology was actually released, but it is available -- I even saw a copy in Barnes & Noble just yesterday -- and (shameless self-promo alert) it also includes my story "Swear Not By the Moon." So there's a tiny bit of fandom involvement, even though the story itself isn't traditionally 'furry.' :)

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